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How to Apply

Thinking of studying abroad? This section will answer some of your questions and provide you with information about requirements, deadlines and the application process, as well as safety and other concerns about living in another culture.

Diversity Statement

We live in a global society where multiculturalism allows us to preserve our cultural identities while at the same time allows for the inclusion of marginalized constituents. Union College values and is committed to a host of diverse populations and cultures including but not limited to, those based on age, race, religion, worldviews, disability, first generation, economic status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin and military status.

At Union, our study abroad programs and practices endeavor to be inclusive and reflect the value we place on diverse perspectives, which is an integral part of a study abroad learning and living environment. To this end, International Programs seeks to ensure a pool of study abroad program participants with diverse perspectives