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Apply Now to 2020 Summer and Fall Programs!

Online applications for the following study abroad programs are now being accepted:
Applications and information can be found at All applications should be submitted online, we suggest you use Chrome or Firefox for best results. Applications are due by 5:00 pm ET on Friday, January 247. The site will not let you add anything to your application after this time. Fall Programs Only: You may apply to a maximum of two fall programs and should you elect to do so, you will need to submit two individual applications plus the program choice form, indicating your preference for your first choice and second choice of study abroad program.
Come to the information sessions below to find out more about what opportunities exist on Union Study Abroad. 
How  to Apply  Old Chapel 308 Tuesday, January 7, 12:40 pm  OR
Wednesday, January 8, 5:30 pm
Ginny Casper, Intl Programs Asst Director
Ireland Karp 008 Wednesday, January 8, 12:50 pm Prof. Krisanna Scheiter
Australia Karp 005 Friday, January 10, 12:50 pm Profs. Don Rodbell/Quynh Chu LaGraff
Holocaust Lamont 002  Friday, January 10, 12:50 pm Profs. Mark Walker/Peter Bedford
Czech Republic Karp 005 Monday, January 13, 12:50 pm Prof. David Hodgson
Belgium Karp 008 Tuesday, January 14, 12:40 pm Prof. Tomas Dvorak
England Karp 005 Tuesday, January 14, 12:50 pm Prof. Patricia Wareh
France Karp 008 Wednesday, January 15, 12:50 pm Prof. Michele Chilcoat
Italy Karp 005 Wednesday, January 15, 12:50 pm Prof. Tommaso Gazzari
National Health Systems Karp 004 Wednesday, January 15, 12:50 pm Prof. Bradley Hays
Argentina Karp 008 Thursday, January 16, 12:40 pm Prof. William Garcia
Japan Karp 006 Thursday, January 16, 12:50 pm Prof. Junko Ueno
Peopled Wilderness the Adirondacks Karp 002 Thursday, January 16, 12:40 pm Prof. Doug Klein
Russia Breazzano Great Room Thursday, January 16, 12:40 pm Prof. Kristin Bidoshi
China Karp 004 Friday, January 17, 12:50 pm Prof. Zhen Zhang
Greece Karp 005 Friday, January 17, 12:50 pm Prof. Hans Mueller
Turkey Karp 005 Monday, January 20, 12:50 pm Lara Atkins, International Programs Director
Vietnam Karp 008 Tuesday, January 21, 12:40 pm Prof. Teresa Meade
Independent Study Abroad
William Cady Stone
Contact International Programs
Writing Center Assistance Schaffer Library, Rooms 226 and 227
Special Study Abroad sessions on Wednesday, January 22 and Thursday, January 23, 12:50pm
  • Program Notification
    • Decision letters for summer and fall programs will be in mailboxes after 4:00 pm on Friday, February 14
    • Independent Study Abroad and William Cady Stone letters will be in mailboxes before the end of the winter term, 2020.
    • Non-Union letters will be sent before the end of spring term, 2020.
  • Confirmation
    • Summer and Fall programs: If accepted, you must commit on your online application by Tuesday, February 25.
  • Withdrawal Policy
    • After committing to a program, the withdrawal policy will apply if you withdraw. The policy can be found in the Academic Catalog
  • Passports/Visas
    • Passports: Students going abroad must have a passport that is valid for the duration of the program abroad. Some countries require passports to be valid for up to 6 months after the date of entry. Students are responsible for determining entry and exit requirements for the location of their study abroad program. If you do not yet have a passport, have a passport that has expired or will expire while you are abroad, we strongly urge you to apply for or renew your passport now. Note: For many of the fall programs, we will need to send the host university a copy of your passport before the end of the winter term.
    • Visas: Students accepted to study in Argentina, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, France (Rennes), Greece, Japan, Russia, or Vietnam will need to obtain a student visa here in the US before the departure date for the program abroad. If you are accepted and will be going to one of these countries, we will be providing information about the compliance process to secure a visa so that you can legally enter and remain in the host country during your studies.
  • Scholarship Information
    • Financial Aid, Scholarships and Fellowships
    • Beginning mid-January, the U.S. Department of State's Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program will accept applications for students participating in credit-bearing study abroad programs during summer, fall, and winter terms. All eligible applicants are encouraged to apply.
      • Applications are due Tuesday, March 3, 2020, by 11:59 pm (central).
      • For more information about the Gilman Scholarship visit the Gilman website at At Union, you may also contact Lynn Evans, Class Dean/Director of National Fellowship & Scholarships.