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Non-Union Programs

Non-Union programs allow students in their junior year the opportunity to participate in study abroad programs through other colleges and universities, provided that the program addresses a curricular need that cannot be met by a Union program. Typically, these programs take place in countries where Union does not have an international program.

The Liaison Committee on Study Abroad (LCOSA) approves non-Union proposals that demonstrate the student's readiness and preparation to undertake the proposed course of study and that provide details of a feasible plan of study that is well-integrated with the student's academic work at Union. Students approved by LCOSA for study in a State Department travel warning country must obtain a special legal release form from the International Programs Office, Old Chapel, Third Floor.

Course of Study

There are two options for non-Union study abroad programs.

The more common option takes place during Winter and/or Spring terms, with the student enrolling in Spring semester course offerings from other colleges and universities.

The second option, for students wishing to spend a full year abroad, is the William Cady Stone Fellowship. Only one student per year is allowed to participate in this program. Students applying for this fellowship should be able to explain the benefits of a full year study abroad program at an accredited institution of his or her choice over a semester/trimester program. 


Must plan to complete the Non-Union Study Abroad program in the junior year at Union.


Generally semester programs give credit for four or five courses, so students who fall behind in credits as a direct result of participating in a non-Union program during Winter and Spring terms will have to complete the additional credits (to total six) through any of the following methods:

  • If the host institution for the program will allow a fifth course for an additional fee, Union will pay that fee.
  • If a student is ahead in credits, then he/she may count one or two of these credits toward graduation at no cost.
  • The student may take one or two fourth courses without charge upon returning to Union.
  • Students may take one or two summer school courses, whether at Union or another institution. Union will pay tuition for the course, but not room and board. Courses cannot be taken at a community college unless approved by the Dean of Studies.
  • Students who meet the eligibility requirements may apply to a Union mini-term, and if accepted, the mini-term fee is waived.

Additional options to obtain the required number of credits may be discussed with the Dean of Studies. If progress toward a degree is not affected by participation in a non-Union program during Winter and Spring terms and the student does not fall behind in credits toward the degree, then the above options are not available.


  • Non-Union Winter/Spring Program applications: Due no later than close of business on Friday of the third week of Spring term in the year before the proposed program.
  • William Cady Stone Fellowship applications: Due no later than close of business on Friday of the fifth week of Winter term in the year before the proposed program.


Click here to apply to a non-Union program.