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Program Costs

For a general overview of study abroad costs, you can read the 2018-19 Program Costs sheet. For more details, view the type of program below.

Program Billing

Study abroad programs will be billed to each student account. Students will be able to view the bills online through Webadvising. The student account will be billed per the Finance Office schedule. Generally, summer and fall program bills are available in May and due in June; winter and winter break programs are available in November and due in December; and spring programs are available in February and due in March.

On certain programs there are some expenses, for example, meals and transportation, that we ask you and/or your families/supporters to fund while you are overseas. If this is the case, International Programs will notify you of the appropriate amounts and on your bill, you will be given a credit for these expenditures. If you do receive a credit on your bill, this means that while you are abroad, you will need to have access to money equal to the amount of the credit. This is money you will spend to cover program-related expenses, and is separate from the cost of airfare, visa fees (if applicable) and personal spending money, which is also the responsibility of the student.


Mini-Term Program Fee  $ 3,530.00 Covers tuition, room, board and health insurance
Living Allowance Credit  $ (350.00) Amount student needs to have abroad to cover program-related expenses
Amount Due to Union  $ 3,180.00 Amount payable to Union to cover remaining program-related expenses

Financial Aid

Full-Term programs: With the exception of work-study, all financial aid you receive on campus applies to the program. The application process and filing deadlines for financial aid remain the same for students planning to study abroad. Detailed instructions and information regarding the financial aid programs are available on the Financial Aid website. 

Mini-Term Programs: Financial aid does not apply to mini-terms, but loans are available. 

Students wishing to borrow additional funds to cover program fees and/or travel expenses should contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss the available options.

Scholarships and Fellowships

View the section on our website for more information on scholarships and fellowships.