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Union College is committed to providing all eligible, qualified students the opportunity to study abroad as part of their education. To ensure that every student has equal access to academic opportunities, students approved to study away are still considered full-time Union College students and will be charged the College's comprehensive fee. This fee may differ from fees of the study away program providers. With the exceptions of the programs listed below, the College also charges an additional fee of $600 for each faculty-led term abroad to cover several guided study excursions to enhance the cultural and academic experience. Students participating on full-term programs outside of the United states will be billed an additional $50 to cover health insurance abroad.

  • The exchange to Akita International University in Japan is tuition-only. Students pay for their room and board in Japan. A $50 study abroad fee will be charged towards health insurance abroad. The engineering exchange to METU in Turkey is tuition-only. Students pay for their room and board in Turkey. A $50 study abroad fee will be charged towards health insurance abroad.

  • The Antwerp, Belgium and the Lille, France economics exchanges are tuition-only programs. Students pay for their room and board in Belgium and France. There are no group excursions on this program. A $50 study abroad fee will be charged towards health insurance abroad.

The College will pay the study away program providers directly for the student’s study away tuition, room and board. This allows students to:

  • Retain course registration priority, as established for their class year

  • Be guaranteed housing on campus upon return from study abroad.  Retain housing lottery priority status as established by class year for housing selection (spring term abroad only).

  • Students will continue to receive Financial Aid while studying with the exception of their work-study.

  • Have access to their academic adviser, class dean, Dean of Studies, Dean of Students, and the services offered by International Programs, Becker Career Services, and Wicker Wellness Center.

  • Students have full access to all of Schaffer Library's online information resources, including, eBooks, databases, and ejournals. Students may also email the reference librarians for assistance. 

  • Receive credit and grades for study abroad coursework, which will be posted to student’s official transcript by the Office of the Registrar.

Students are also responsible for all costs not expressly included in the fee, such as airfare, visa fees, medical fees, personal expenses and travel. Additional financial aid and loan options may be available. Please consult the Financial Aid Office.

If the student’s program does not offer a meal plan or only offers a partial plan, students will receive a credit on their Union account. This amount will be in accordance with estimates provided by the student’s study away program.

Union College International Programs (Study Away) Withdrawal Policy

Should you decide not to participate in your chosen program, you need to let the International Programs office know in writing as soon as possible.  If you withdraw before the start date for your program or during your program, you may be held responsible for a withdrawal fee in accordance with the schedule for Union College’s International Programs (Study Away) Withdrawal Policy, found in the Academic Catalog under Majors, Minors and Other Programs.

Students who do not plan to return to Union College for the term in which they were to study away must notify the Dean of Students Office in writing.  Neither failure to pre-schedule or register, non-payment of the term bill, nor a request for a transcript constitute official notice of withdrawal or leave of absence.