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Student/Parent Paperwork

Students apply two terms prior to the term they want to study abroad. Students who have been accepted on a program through the International Programs office must initially confirm their acceptance and shortly after, complete a set of paperwork. Details and links to the process are outlined below. Except for the Participant Agreement, the links to the documents below are for parents' reference only as the students will access this information online and digitally sign and submit the majority of the required documentation.  At the start of the term prior to their departure, International Programs will hold a general orientation meeting to discuss the forms outlined below. Later in the term, a second meeting is held for the full term programs to discuss topics such as packing, safety, traveling, communications, etc. In addition, the faculty leader of the program may hold a series of meetings in the term prior to departure to prepare the student for the program.


If you intend on participating in the program listed in this letter, you must go to your online application and complete the Commitment to Participate by the seventh Friday of the term in which you applied.

  • The International Programs office will take this commitment as your binding and irrevocable program preference.
  • If you do not commit by the seventh Friday of the term in which you applied., we will take this to mean that you are no longer interested in this program and your name will be withdrawn from the program.
  • You may only commit to one program. Once committed, you must decline commitment to other programs to which you were accepted, and International Programs will remove your application(s) from the program(s) to which you were waitpooled.
  • If you wish to decline your admission into the program, click Decline.
  • If you withdraw after committing, the following penalties will apply:
When Official Withdrawal Occurs                               Withdrawal Fee
After committing to program                                        $350
59-31 days before program start date                         $2500
30 days before program start date                               $3800 mini-terms, $4000 full terms
During the program                                                      $3800 mini-terms, $5000 full terms


  1. Participant Agreement: The Participant Agreement may be completed beforehand, except the signature. Each person must sign in the presence of a notary. If necessary, each parent can print out page eight of this form and have their signature notarized separately. A student may have his/her signature witnessed by the same notary as the parents, a notary on campus, or any other notary. This original signed Participant Agreement must be returned to the International Programs office. Scans or faxes are not acceptable.  There are four different Participant Agreement types; a student must complete the appropriate one:
View a sample of how to complete a Participant Agreement.


  1.  Alcohol and Drug Policy: For all programs.
       4.  Behavior Agreement: Only for fall term programs going to Australia, Brazil, Ireland and Vietnam.
  1.  Conduct Code: For all programs.
       6..  Flight Arrangements Form: For all programs.
       7.  Passport - A copy of the biographical page of the student's passport is required for all programs going abroad.

       8.  Medical Form - Students are required to have a physical within six months of their program departure date. If they are unable to see their physician and/or are not yet within the window of a covered physical, Union's Wicker Wellness will allot certain days each term for the study abroad physicals. The visit has a $25 cost that will be charged to the student's account. It is important to note that the days announced will be only the days when this service is provided.
Belgium: You will be required to have the Medical Certificate for Visa to Belgium completed and notarized. Be sure to print this and take it and the Healthcare Provider Statement to your appointment.

Greece: You will be required to have the Medical Certificate for Visa to Greece completed. Be sure to print this and take it and the Healthcare Provider Statement to your appointment.

Japan: Akita International University requires completion of a medical form that will be available the last week of April.  Submit the online form by mid-May, then print out all three parts and take to a doctor for completion. If getting your physical through Wicker prior to when the AIU medical forms are ready, you may need to let Wicker know that you will bring these forms when you have them.
      9. Tuition and Credit Form - Needed only for programs in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, France (Rennes), Greece, Ireland, Japan, and Vietnam


  • Blogging Agreement
  • Self-Identification Form - For a student  a disability/chronic medical condition who may require assistance or accommodations from Union College
  • Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) - STEP is a free service provided by the U.S. Government to U.S. citizens who are traveling to, or living in, a foreign country. STEP allows you to enter information about your upcoming trip abroad so that the Department of State can better assist you in an emergency. STEP also allows Americans residing abroad to get routine information from the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

Union College International Programs (Study Away) Withdrawal Policy

Should you decide not to participate in your chosen program, you need to let the International Programs office know in writing as soon as possible, since there may be applicants on the waitpool who wish to enroll in your place.  For those students who withdraw before the start date for their program, they may be held responsible for a withdrawal fee in accordance with the schedule for Union College’s International Programs (Study Away) Withdrawal Policy, found in the Academic Catalog under Majors, Minors and Other Programs.

Students who do not plan to return to Union College for the term in which they were to study away must notify the Dean of Students Office in writing.  Neither failure to pre-schedule or register, non-payment of the term bill, nor a request for a transcript constitute official notice of withdrawal or leave of absence.